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Shambhala Studio
Laurence Brahm-Lhasa

Laurence J. Brahm, Founder

Our Story

This video has been deleted.

As the 21st Century dawned, in the year 2000, a debate arose in western China among different regions each claiming to be the historical location of Shangri-la. Cities like Dali, Lijiang, and Zhongdian, vied with Lhasa, Yushu and Xiahe for the designation, all claiming to be the original Shangri-la. Ironically, there was no higher motivation in competing for this title, other than luring tourist dollars.


Nevertheless, the question had finally been put on the table:


Where is the real Shangri-la?


Determined to discover origins rooted behind the myth, Laurence Brahm launched the “Searching for Shangri-la” Expeditions Project in 2002.


Altogether four expeditions were launched, reaching some of the most remote places on the Tibetan plateau. Shambhala Studio was established to document the journeys.

The Shambhala Studio is dedicated to producing documentary features on aspects of the Himalayas, to explore concepts of science, climate, traditions, and philosophy of this amazingly diverse, yet ecologically fragile region.

Shambhala Studio has office and production facilities in both Beijing and Kathmandu. In Beijing we have two studios: one in central Beijing located in a traditional courtyard house in a historic neighborhood; the other located in the mountains beside the Great Wall. In Kathmandu our studio is located within a short walk of the Boudha Stupa in Boudhanath, Kathmandu.

In 2015, Laurence Brahm was elected Fellow International to the New York Explorer’s Club. In 2016, the Searching for Shangri-la Expeditions Project received the National Geographic Air and Water Conservation Award, and Laurence Brahm became a recognized National Geographic explorer. He is listed on Wikipedia as one of 296 American Explorers. Cinematographer Dou Yan, also a recognized National Geographic explorer is China’s most experienced cinematographer for subject matter on the Tibetan plateau.

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Laurence Brahm-Tibet
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Laurence Brahm-Himalayas
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Laurence Brahm-Tibet
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Producer:  Laurence Brahm, William Lo,


Director: Laurence Brahm


Screenwriter: Laurence Brahm


Cinematography: Dou Yan


Music: San Bao


Theme Song: Ani Choying Drolma


Production Manager: Mei Yunfei


Production Assistants: Tina Mei Qing, Tashi Yongzrom, Ang Phurba, Shreemanjari Tamrakar Selina Lai, Thinley Norbu, Amitesh Bhanudas Kakade

Yogi Wangchuk


Camera: Suzette Xu, Ma Lei, Laurence Carroll Brahm Jr., Mei Yunfei, Li Chen, Yopesh Pradhan, Suman Maharjan, Laurence Brahm


Assistant Camera: Wang Bin,


Location Sound: Honglin Li

Gaffer: Bin Wang Wang Ribiao


Research Director: Johnson Li


Post Production Editor: Li Chen


Motion Picture Editor: Ma Lei


Post Production Sound Mixer: Cai Biwan


Post Production Advisor: Yun Liang


Media Advisor: Carol A.Wolfson, Michael Garvey


VFX: Shaun Ansari


Subtitle: April Zhang, Raye Yan  Charlie Sun


Translator:  Johnson Li  April Zhang, Raye Yan, Aagö Tashi Yangzom,

Charlie Sun


Art Design: Yan Zhijie


Drivers:  Hang Jidong Tashi Tsering Huang Changjiang

Kunchok Chonpal  Dawa Tsering

LB Website 2-4283 (1).jpg
LB Website 2-4283 (1).jpg
LB Website 2-4283 (1).jpg
LB Website 2-4283 (1).jpg
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