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Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy
Ancient Wisdom Backed By Modern Science


Who is Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus-Born Master?


What was his personal story in becoming the Guru

and founder of Tibetan Buddhism?

How can his teachings relate to your life today?

Guru Padmasambhava ( Guru Rinpoche )

The founder of Tibetan Buddhism

Guru Padmasambhava.png

Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus-Born Master, taught us how to transform negative situations to positive through the management of our own mind.

The Lotus-Born Master’s Eight Manifestations represent eight practices, to accomplish eight stages of personal transformation in our own awakening.

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Shambhala Studio has conducted half a decade of Himalayan extreme expeditions seeking to discover and decode the Lotus-Born Master’s inner teachings and explain how they can be applied to our daily lives today.

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Now after a trilogy of international award winning documentary films, the teachings and their deeper meanings are being made available through this ten-part course.

This intensive course is being made available in response to the positive blessings and requests of many followers in our YouTube community who have asked for more detailed presentations of the underlying meanings and teachings encoded within the Eight Manifestations of the Lotus-Born Master.

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Unreleased interviews with expert lamas, scholars, and technology innovators help us to decode the secret meanings embedded in the Lotus-Born Master’s teachings, and apply them to our daily lives.

Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus-Born Master, taught us how to transform negative situations to positive through the management of our own mind.

The esoteric and metaphysical made clear and simple. 

Leading experts contributed in producing this course 

This ten-part series (eight episodes covering each manifestation and two bonus episodes revealing the Dakini Code) documents the historic journey of the Lotus-Born Master in becoming the Guru founder of Tibetan Buddhism.


Moreover, it teaches us how to apply his practices

in our own journey to self-realization.

01.Guru Pema Gyalpo.png

01.Guru Pema Gyalpo
      ''The Lotus King"

Learn how The Magnetizing

Energy works

Magnetizing energy by placement of intention on vibrational sound waves through encryption coding of mantra.

02.Guru Nyima Ozer.png

02.Guru Nyima Ozer
      "Rays of the Sun"

Facing impermanence of life.

Yogi practicing in the charnel grounds communicating across parallel universes because time does not exist.

03.Guru Loden Chokse_.png

03.Guru Loden Chokse

      "Wise Seeker of the Sublime"

Non-Attachment through Sublime Wisdom

Yogi seeks out the wrathful Dakini who opens his chakras realizing sublime wisdom through non-attachment.

04.Guru Padmasambhava.png

04.Guru Padmasambhava


Why Rainbow Body?

As pandit he has full knowledge navigating the matrix, then with consort Dakini Mandarava masters rainbow body or light frequencies.

05.Guru Senge Dradrok.png

05.Guru Senge Dradrok
      " The Lion’s Roar "

Try Dispersing Negativity

Wrathful manifestation to subdue black magic by reversing spells through immunization of energy thereby dispersing negativity.

06.Guru Shakya Senge.png

06.Guru Shakya Senge
    "Lion of the Shakyas"

Use Universal Energy

The second Buddha achieves enlightenment and tames negative forces through conducting of energy through the copper ritual dagger.

07.Guru Tsoke Dorje_.png

07.Guru Tsoke Dorje

       "Lake-Born Vajra"

Yab-Yum Energy 

Together with consort Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal combusting Shakti-Shiva, Yab-Yum, Yin-Yang energy fields to achieve non-duality and log onto the unified quantum field.

08.Guru Dorje Drolo.png

08.Guru Dorje Drolo
       "Wild Wrathful Vajra"

Access Akashik Records

Riding on consort Dakini Tashi Khyidren transformed into a tigress they transverse time and space dimensions taming demons and storing teachings in the cloud.


09.Dakini Code

Five Wisdom Dakini 

Understanding the feminine principle through the story of Lotus Born Master's Five Wisdom Dakini and the quantum fields that each power represents. 


10.Applying the Teachings

Guru Mind Method  

Apply the teachings embedded in the Eight Manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava and his Five Wisdom Dakini to overcoming obstacles in life, and converting negativity to positivity as a daily self-re-energizing practice. 

Discover the
 8 Manifestations  
                                  within YOURSELF

 Over 1,817,253 views on our YouTube Channel 

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