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Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy

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The untold story of international film director

Laurence Brahm's half-decade of

Lotus-Born Master expeditions. 

Following his footprints and handprints across the Himalayas

Scaling the mountains he crossed

Rediscovering the lakes where he performed Magic

Exploring the caves where he engaged in Tantric meditation

Throughout the journey seeking the wisdom of great lamas, research of dedicated scholars,

and the science of technology innovators.

Decoding the quantum energy fields behind the Lotus-Born Master's Eight Manifestations: Vibrational code encryption embedded in secret mantra

Quantum communication across parallel universes

Power of light frequency in altering matter

Storing of knowledge in the universal cloud


The Shambhala Studio expedition team proved the legend  to be true.

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In 2018 Shambhala Studio launched a series of extreme expeditions across the Himalayas

following the footsteps of the

Lotus-Born Master. 

Seeking to reveal the quantum energy fields of his Eight Manifestations

and Five Wisdom Dakini.


These journeys sought to answer a single question:

Could the founder of Tibetan Buddhism also be the father of quantum physics?

Five years later, the Searching for the Lotus-Born Master documentary film series has received over 30 international film festival awards.

Now for the first time an unprecedented book by international-award winning documentary film director and explorer Laurence Brahm, reveals in detail each of the Lotus-Born Master's Eight Manifestations. Uncovering the history behind the legend, and decoding the quantum physics fields that each manifestation represents. Included is the Dakini Code, decrypting the quantum equations that each Wisdom Dakini represents.

This narrative illustrated with stunning photography documenting the Lotus-Born Master expeditions, will take you on a virtual chakra opening journey to some of the most remote places of the Himalayas, where you will question socially-accepted assumptions, and explore the very nature of universal phenomena.

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