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Recognizing global chaos in the Age of Kali, Shambhala Studio teams are committed to finding pathways that can lead us to a future Age of Shambhala.

Each of our journeys opens a new chapter in discovering ancient knowledge and wisdom that may have been lost or forgotten over time. Language has changed but meanings encrypted within are eternal and ever more relevant today. As humanity awakens and begins charting a fresh path to the future, we will do our best to decode these teachings and share them the world.

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Shambhala Studios


Shambhala Studios is an independent film production group.

Our Himalayan extreme expeditions seek the source of ancient lineages to decrypt universal phenomena and understand the science embodied in wisdom traditions.

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Presently, Shambhala Studio has focused on four areas of production:

Lotus-Born Master Trilogy

Since 2018 we have spent the past half decade literally following the footprints and handprints of Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus-Born Master across the Himalayas, seeking to understand his teachings and the science embodied within. Three international award-winning documentaries in the series are:


  • “Searching for the Lotus-Born Master: Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy”

  • “Return of the Lotus-Born Master: Decrypting the Dakini Code”

  • “The Dakini Code: Lotus-Born Master and the Event Horizon”

Lotus-Born Master Feature Film Trilogy

To reach a broader audience we are now producing Sci-Fi films with story lines around the theme of the Lotus Born Master and Shambhala. The narrative goes like this: a Himalayan explorer  is detained by “The Agency” that wishes to extract the secret location of Shambhala to access the codes of time and space that will unlock unimaginable technologies. The Himalayan explorer tries to explain that Shambhala is in the mind, nowhere else. The intrigue begins here. Is it a mind game?…Maybe everything is in your mind. The trilogy includes:


  • Lotus-Born Master: The Shambhala Access Code

  • Lotus-Born Master: The Algorithm of Karma (currently in production)

  • Lotus-Born Master: Journey to the Other Side of the Black Hole (currently in production)

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                                                               Shangri-la Trilogy


Our earliest film productions and expeditions began in 2002 when we sought to find the historical location of Shangri-la only to learn it is a misspelling of Shambhala, setting the course for a whole new understanding of the Shambhala traditions that would lead us to begin the Lotus-Born Master Trilogy. We have been exploring and filming in the Himalayan region for two decades. The vintage Shangri-la trilogy includes:


  • Searching for Shangri-la

  • Conversations with Sacred Mountains

  • Shambhala Sutra

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