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After two decades of Himalayan expeditions seeking to decrypt ancient wisdom to benefit future generations, Shambhala Studio is sharing the discoveries and knowledge.

Shambhala Studio Ashram offers programs to help individuals apply the benefits of Tibetan Buddhism to daily life with methodologies accessible to all.

Access is now easy.

Shambhala Studio Ashram online courses help to bring the Lotus Born Master's teachings to the global community regardless of time or space.


Lectures facilitated by explorer and film director Laurence Brahm bring together experts in their field to offer unprecedented insight into the teachings and how they may be practically applied to our daily lives.

Our course series begins with:

Lotus Born Master: Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy Decoded

This ten part lecture series can be completed at the student's own pace. Due to the vast information download contained in each lecture. We recommend one course per week. This is the foundation course for understanding the teachings of the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born Master. Future programs are building upon our foundation course and will be offered on this platform.  

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This ten-episode course decodes the secret meanings embedded in the Lotus-Born Master’s teachings, and the lives of his Five Wisdom Dakini, applying them to our daily lives. This series of previously unreleased lectures by explorer-practitioner Laurence Brahm accompanied by interviews with expert lamas, scholars, and technology innovators help us to realize the Guru's teachings in a practical and meaningful way that can help us realize our unexplored potential.


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Twenty-one days toward re-setting your mind. It takes twenty-one days to form a new habit. These Twenty-one compact episodes will re-program your outlook on life. Pragmatic and clear, the deeper understandings of Himalayan wisdom applied to daily living, social interactions, and transforming one's outlook so that the power of positive energy is yours. Navigate the matrix of your own mind, and everything around you will change. Reset your mind, reset your life, reset your energy. 

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