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Shambhala Studio Himalayan Expeditions 
Searching for the Lotus Born Master in Bhutan 

Shambhala Studio Films

Himalayan Extreme Expeditions 


Searching for the Lotus Born Master Pilgrimage to Bhutan is a specially customized travel experience by Shambhala Studio Films Himalayan Extreme Expeditions.

Visitors will participate in a pilgrimage journey that includes empowerments and teachings from Lamas resident in the Lotus Radiant Dharma Center, a Bhutanese government approved Buddhist center established by Shambhala Studio Films in 2020.


Visitors will then visit sacred sites featured in the award winning film

“Return of the Lotus-Born Master: Decrypting the Dakini Code.”

This customized travel experience is intended to connect visitors with the depth of

the Lotus-Born Master’s multi-dimensional quantum field so that they may receive teachings and positive energy that may be taken with them anywhere and everywhere after they leave Bhutan.


This is a pilgrimage experience, not a tour.

       Description of itinerary follows:  


        Day 1: Arrival in Bhutan with Guru Blessings  

  • Arrive Paro Airport, Transfer to Thimphu, Hotel Check-in. 

  • Afternoon visit to Lotus Radiant Dharma Center to be received by


  • Receive empowerment and oral transmission at Center. 

  • Traditional Bhutanese welcoming dinner at Bhutan Heritage Restaurant.

  • Overnight at The Willows (3 star) 

        Day 2: Himalayan Journey to Guru Cave.  

  • Early morning departure to burn sang incense as the sun rises over the Himalayan mountain range.

       -  Full view of Himalayas.

            (subject to clouds departing and specific weather conditions) 

  • Visit to longest iron suspension bridge featured in film “Return of the Lotus-Born Master.” 

  • Organic lunch in local farmhouse. 

  • Visit the sacred crystal meditation cave of

​       the Lotus Born Master.  

  • Visit to Datong Temple where some of the finest statues, carvings and murals

​       of the Lotus Born Master and his Dakini consorts

       can be seen, made under royal supervision.

  • Special blessings with personal items of

       the Lotus Born Master. 

  • Overnight in Zhingkham Resort (3 star)  

       Day 3: Entering Guru’s Realm of Crazy Wisdom.  

  • Visit to retreat center in mountains for

        morning meditation.

  • Visit Mad Monk’s Temple and explanation of

        "Crazy Wisdom" concept

  • Lunch at Druk Wangyel Restaurant at Dochula 

  • Return to Thimphu

  • Overnight at The Willows (3 star) 

       Day 4: Thimphu Teachings and Blessings.  

  • Visit Lotus Radiant Dharma Center for teachings of

        Lotus Born Master and Dakini practice

        and recitation of Sampha Lundrup

       (all wish fulfilling) prayer in which

       Lotus Born Master returns

       to subjugate the negativities of the degenerate age. 

  • Lunch in Thimphu

  • Visit to Zandok Pelri Temple,

       featuring some of the most beautiful statues

       of Lotus Born Master.

        in the Sampha Lundrup (all wish fulfilling) prayer

       with explanation of Lotus Born Master’s return

       in the degenerate age to subjugate negative energies.  

  • Late afternoon visit to the hillside temple

       of Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal’s cave.

       Meditation on Dakini practice.

  • Overnight at The Willows (3 star) 

       Day 5: Expedition to Guru’s Beyul.  

                    (Secret Hidden Realm)

  • Morning departure from Thimphu to Tsaluna Ney, one of the sacred hidden realms of the Lotus Born Master.

  • Arrival at the Tsaluna Ney temple to behold the sacred statue of Lotus Born Master that can speak, and the most detailed ancient murals of Zandok Pelri and shrine of the Lion Headed Dakini protector of Guru. 

  • Lunch of traditional Bhutanese Momo dumplings.

  • Visit to the sacred waterfalls and pools that are a dimensional sphere onto themselves for meditation. 

  • Visit the stone horse that will come alive when Guru returns to herald the Shambhala warriors to open the gates of Shambhala.

  • Visit to secret meditation grounds of Guru and Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal

  • Overnight at Tashi Namgay Resort (3 star ) 

       Day 6: Expedition to Tiger’s Nest.  

  • Morning Mountain climb to halfway station for lunch.

  • Onward hike to Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal cave for prayers and blessing. 

  • Entering the Tiger’s Nest Temple complex to pay homage to the shrines of Lotus Born Master and receive blessings from monks there. This is the place where after riding upon the Dakini Tashi Kyidren who transformed into a tigress, the Guru performed the Phurba ritual he transformed into Dorji Drollo the Wrathful Vajra to subjugate demons in the degenerate age and store his teachings in the universal hologram to be downloaded by the Treasure Revealers to benefit mankind today. 

  • Hike down the mountain and enjoy evening dinner in old Paro town 

  • Overnight at Tashi Namgay Resort (3 star) 

Day 7: Departure from Paro with Blessings.  

  • Morning transport to airport 

  • Farewell with blessings

  • Blessings to be carried wherever guests go.... 

Tulku Range Rinpoche

Tulku  Rabgay Rinpoche

Tulku Jigsel Rinpoche

Tulku Jigsel Rinpoche

Meet your expedition coordinator 


Pema Lhamo

Meet your guides on this pilgrimage expedition 

Guide-Nima Oyzer

Nima Yoezer

Guide-Kinga Norbu

Kinga Norbu

Our pilgrimage expeditions guides have worked closely with film director Laurence Brahm, on location at sites where the Shambhala Studios Team has filmed. They have deep knowledge of the Lotus Born Master’s own journey, the sacredness of each location and will help guide each member of the pilgrimage on their own journey to connect to the Guru’s mind field. 

Laurence Brahm with Guides

Pricing Plans: 

Single (room occupance) 

Hotel 6 nights, 7 days - $2201 per person

Includes Hotels, travel, meals, museum passes, visa, guide fees, and Sustainable Development Fund Tax

Double (room occupancy) 

Hotel 6 nights, 7 days - $1987 per person

Includes Hotels, travel, meals, museum passes, visa, guide fees, and Sustainable Development Fund Tax

Bhutan travel visas are limited each year to protect the country's natural resources and cultural sustainable development. Therefore tour packages are the preferred means for foreign visitors to enjoy the depth of culture and Vajrayana Buddhist heritage that this unique Himalayan kingdom preserves so carefully.

The Sustainable Development Fund is a government tax on foreign travellers visiting Bhutan charged for each day within the country. Funds are applied to heritage and cultural presercation. 

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